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Contest Entry

CADwonder-fall CAD modeling contest

This contest is a test of your CAD skills and your sense of design.  We are requesting that you create and submit a cool animated CAD model for us to feature on the Design Visionaries YouTube channel. The best 3 models that are selected by our panel of accomplished design professionals will be awarded a prize. The first Prize is a $100 dollar gift card to the establishment of your choosing. The second prize is a beautiful DV Polo and the third prize is a DV mouse pad.

3D Printer

Please watch the video below to see the criteria of the contest. 


  • Please submit a CAD model or assembly that is very appealing in some way. It can be appealing in its beauty, in its complexity or in just good old coolness. Please zip it and if you are submitting an assembly make it clear which file contains the top level  assembly.

  • Your model must be performed using NX or Creo software.

  • Your model must be original and performed by you the contestant (No copying geometry from anyone else). However, you may use models of fasteners and other purchase parts if you are submitting an assembly.

  • Models may, but are not required, to contain animations.

  • Models must be under 25 megabytes in size.

  • Please include a note that describes your model.

Contest Submission

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How many Years have you been using NX?

What type of work do you do in NX?

What would you like to see more of, on our channel?

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