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Design Visionaries CAD Training Survey - Director/Manager

At Design Visionaries, we take pride in our excellent training programs and knowledgeable instructors. We want to ensure that every student receives a high-quality training experience that meets their needs and exceeds their expectations. That's why we would love to hear your thoughts on the CAD training you received from us.


Your evaluation is important to us and will help us continue to improve and provide exceptional services.

How was your experience with our training overall?
Very dissatisfiedFairGoodVery goodExcellent

Please select "yes" or "no" for the following to best reflect your experience.

All results collected are for the sole purpose of maintaining a standard of excellence in our services. Some answers may be used for marketing purposes but will remain anonymous unless otherwise specified. 

Overall, I enjoyed working with Design Visionaries.
The training provided by Design Visionaries was valuable and meaningful to my team and operations.
My experience communicating with Design Visionaries and scheduling training with them was positive.
My experience interacting with the Design Visionaries team was positive.
My staff were more knowledgeable and confident after finishing the course.
My staff enjoyed the Design Visionaries training and found it helpful.
My staff were prepared for our project as a result of this course.
Training with Design Visionaries increased the productivity of my team(s).
I would train my staff with Design Visionaries again.
I would recommend this course to my colleagues.

Share any suggestions or ideas for improvement, or any general feelings you had about our trainer or the course. Your feedback is incredibly valuable to us.

Thanks for your feedback!

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