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Efficient Model Based Definition with Siemens NX PMI Advisor!

Updated: Apr 15

Collecting and reading product manufacturing information (PMI) can be tedious and time-consuming - especially when models with annotation errors leave the design workshop. Days of processing later, and manufacturing sends you back a model that they cannot use because of unreadable annotations.

The PMI Advisor tool is a powerful instrument that will ensure your engineering and design annotations are clear and understandable - without the hassle of going item by item yourself! Avoiding errors in model based definition is key to streamlining the manufacturing process. If a model is sent out to manufacturers with mistakes, it can take days to weeks for the model to be returned only to be nonfunctional. With PMI Advisor, error-checking in 3d design and analysis is a breeze. Available universally across CAD platforms and software, the PMI Advisor will become your right-hand application in 3d model and design.

Check out our most recent YouTube video to learn the applications of the PMI Advisor tool in Siemens NX - and how to use it effectively to annotate your models with ease!


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