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These Techniques Will Have You in Stitches! | Siemens NX Tips, Tricks, & Tutorials

Updated: Apr 18

Have you ever wanted to model beautiful, realistic stitching in CAD? Well, look no further! This week, our CEO and Founder Stephen M. Samuel demonstrated the perfect technique to model stunning leather stitching using Siemens NX.

This particular video was made per a request from one of our supporters. If you have a request for a CAD tutorial you'd like to see, leave a comment about it on our most recent YouTube video and we'll do our best to answer whatever burning questions are on your mind!

Our tutorial and tip videos are detailed, thorough and high-quality - just like our custom CAD/CAM/CAE trainings! If you or your operations team(s) are looking for high-end, tailored training services, request a quote through our website or email for more information! We would love to have you.


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