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Training CAD


Training is best when it reflects the industry experience.

Design Visionaries has been in business for over a quarter of a century as mechanical engineers, trainers, and PLM users.

Our history and exposure to many market verticals give us the right mix of experience to design a custom training for your project.

Having the proper training by working engineers and users is your secret to success.

We Teach CAD To Accomplish A Specific Production Goal.

It sounds like a small difference, but when our students emerge from the class, they are better qualified to do great production work.

Your trainer is an engineer who actively and currently has design projects that they are responsible for. Therefore, what is taught in the classroom truly reflects industry experience.

Design Experience in NX

Actual Design Experience

What we know is informed by years of actual design experience for many different industries; this enables our trainers to know the CAD programs better than the ones making it.

We train NX worldwide

Worldwide Training

We have trained all over the world and our communication skills are second to none.  Our trainers are extremely engaging and patient 

Custom NX Training

Our Training Is Custom

We are able to take your part files and whatever methods documentation you may have, and integrate them into the course we create specifically for your needs.

Drafting in NX


Our Training Schedule

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Our courses are specially customized for your required version of software, customer specific CAD requirements and specific dates. To request more information or a call back please fill out the form below.

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