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Basic to Advanced NX - 2212-$49.99 (PDF Only)

(This is a PDF Version Only!) Coming Soon: Hard Copy Edition for $154.00

This book is given free with any CAD Training that relates to NX Modeling Drafting and Assemblies. Basic to Advanced NX Modeling, Drafting and Assemblies – 2020 Edition is the newly revised version of our previous CAD training textbooks. We have greatly expanded the content, detail, and exercises included in this edition.Topics include: Synchronous and Master Modeling; Fundamental and Intermediate Curves; Editing Entities; Design, Reference, Surface and Detail Features; Sheet Metal Features; True Studio Task; and Injection-Molded Parts and Castings. Using NX is like playing a piano. In the same way that chords are as important as individual notes, NX commands are far more powerful when used in concert with others. Our book makes an effort to show not only the details of the most important commands, but the powerful combinations that we have used to bring about excellent designs.This manual teaches you the modeling, assemblies, and drafting functionality including all the latest and greatest tools found only in NX.

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