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What is Model Based Definition (MBD)? | Design Visionaries

For many years, engineers, designers and manufacturers have been communicating via 2D models and step files. A 3D product definition is made, broken down into a set of 2D drawings, put into a PDF, and subsequently transmitted back and forth between engineering and manufacturing. This process can be time-consuming and can lead to a definitive profit loss - especially when errors are made in the design process.

With Model Based Definition, there are many advantages that are derived immediately. First, you are able to save valuable time in the creation of 2D drawings. MBD also allows you to create a better, more complete model by utilizing the Digital Twin (DT) methodology. And, MBD gives you a single point of truth for all downstream applications. When done well, MBD, can give you the added benefits of automatic tolerance stackup analysis, automated inspection reports, far better communication between cross-functional groups, and tools like the Model Based Definition Query that will ensure your 3D definition is exactly what it needs to be to give manufacturing the most efficient path to production.

MBD is a powerful tool that will revolutionize your production, streamline your design-to-manufacturing process, and cut your development costs by up to 30%. For more detail and insight, Click here to RSVP to our Webinar on March 5th - Model Based Definition: Innovate or Go by the Wayside! We will also be featuring our Return on Investment (ROI) Calculator - don't miss out!


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